Have you ever thought through what the incredible implications are of having a Father?

I don’t mean one of the grateful ones who can call a man, “Dad”, and say it with sincere affection. I mean those of us who know Who crafted our bones.

What are the implications of having a Father who created not because He was empty, but because His fullness overflowed into creation? What are the consequences of having an all powerful Father love you, care for you, die for you?

They are many. The ripples of a tender Father with enough power to speak dry bones to life, means so many things for your heart. And I think that our pride makes us forget.

As Lewis said, We want not so much a Father but a grandfather in heaven…(Problem of Pain)

Having a Father means we are sons and have a clear reason for our existence. Having a Father means we didn’t come here by our “biological tendencies” but by a glorious Creator, who in the same hour that He made Adam then Eve-had you in mind.

Having a Father means we are not the head of our hearts. We do not have the privilege (nor daunting responsibility) of naming things good, creating out of nothing or making our own meaning.

No, we are sons and daughters. And this is good for us to remember in a culture that has an ironic hatred of meaning outside our own hands. We hear everyday that we should create our own Babel. Yet, we miss the affection of a Father who is our Dad whether we fickle creatures admit to the truth or run from the humble reality.

Yet, it is a glorious one. And this should be in our veins everyday: the One who thought of flying creatures, glorious rivers, and orange sunsets, knitted you together.

He knitted you. He carved your heart, and your arms, your hair, your brow. He is our Father and He loves what His hands have made.

So let us not play in the mud of pure amusement. Why do we tolerate such cheap versions of joy? What love does your heart stand “content with?

Unless it knows Him who bore your griefs, your sins, your pride-it does not stand at rest.


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  1. Derek Eitreim says:

    Very well said Dave. Thanks for sharing

    Derek Eitreim Sent from my iPhone



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