Chipped Corners

It’s always been tempting for the human heart to fill hurt.

Whether it’s the death of a parent, the sting of heartache, or the dull constant ache of a friendship gone sour, the hole begs to be filled. And here we need to be careful.

Pieces of the heart are too intricate to simply fill and forget. The corners of heartache are unique and we cannot simply purchase a new piece to fill the broken edges. Their is no superglue for the aching heart. And friends, this is hard. Yet it is good.

For while there is no way to stop pain overnight there is a Man that holds your very marrow in His hands. I think we need to be more patient with pain. I think we need to listen to it and let us tell of things we cared about, continue to care about and will not easily forget. Pain must have purpose, friends.

This is important. If we do not give our hurt a proper stage now he will return later. But let’s think about this proper stage. For there is a wrong stage for pain. Pain for the Christian is neither to be dismissed nor consuming. We dare not undermine the real hurt in a world that isn’t quite how it ought to be. For if we dismiss pain we dismiss our Healer.

And yet, if we are consumed by hurt and heartache we are still living in the tomb. We are a resurrected people. And resurrection means redemption. Death means life. Hope is a word that we need to whisper with sincerity. We need to sing it to ourselves at night and sing it to our friends throughout the day.

I do not know what pain you feel this evening or what chipped corner of your heart you ache for, but I know that a hurting heart is a heart close to the Father.

I know a Father’s hands are tender and strong.

I know pain has a purpose because resurrection has the last word.

I know hope was purchased with blood and a cross.

I know hope has a name and He calls you by yours.

Let’s be tender with each other and remind each other of hope. Let’s be patient in pain.

Let’s live with promise on our tongue: He will never leave you nor forsake you.

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