Morning Light

First, this from Spurgeon:

“The tender heart of Jesus waits to hear our griefs, let us pour them into His patient ear.”

We seek a listening ear in not only in all people but all things. And after we trust a thing to listen we often believe it to console. Yet, if we are still, we know that there is only one heart that knows our every bone.

And it is hard to look at those that know us when we wish to conceal our fear. When we do not wish to tell the truth it is often hardest to be with people that love us. How much more so than to tell our hearts true color in front of the One who crafted our every tendon?

But today we can decide to be honest. Do we think Jesus does not already know? Do we think Christ stands impatient and pacing as we delay in our confession?

An impatient God does not die for His creation.

I wonder if this is half the battle of prayer: we do not fully realize the terms in which we approach our Savior. We only half handle grace and miss most of the love. Our hearts think we know forgiveness but the fullness of the goodness of God is too much to for our broken bodies.

This morning is new and this speaks of immeasurable patience. How much patience there is in a God that sees all sorrows, all grief, and all injustice, and yet continues to paint a new morning with music. Yet, this is His nature: to give and not withhold His own flesh.

We may avoid honesty as long as we avoid Christ. Yet, as soon as we see the One in whom we are fashioned after our hearts have no choice but to confess our deepest colors.

May the morning light bring us into a throne room where we are loved immeasurably more than we can grasp. May we kneel this morning before we walk in a broken earth that needs people that are honest with themselves before anything else.

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