Flesh and Bones

We are often on the doorstep of love when we then think about ourselves. We are pain reducing creators and while the benefits of love may be great, the risk is also quite steep. So we fumble with our pockets, look down at our squeaky shoes and think maybe it costs too much to love. 

And here we are actually right. It does cost too much. Try and purchase love and you’ll go bankrupt and still need to sell your shirt. Try and bargain a good deal on love and you’ll end up with a cheap replica that won’t pass a 3rd graders test. I’m pretty sure you can’t muster up the courage to fake love, and it’s not even that your pockets aren’t deep enough…they just don’t have the right substance inside.

See, love was given and paid for by a God that didn’t have to reach down but wanted to.
Love was purchased not by a meager attempt at courage, or a shameful bargain but by blood, and sweat, and a voice that hurt with so much love it dripped off His brow. A hurting Father looked away as His beloved son was ripped up, torn up, and served up as a mockery to a world that was so thirsty for love it couldn’t taste it. When that Father looked away, and the son breathed His last, we had killed love.

So love came to us and we pinned Him to a tree. See, love has always been hard to bear. Love has always been hard for us to understand. Every since we broke our Father’s heart in the garden, we have tried to purchase a love we can master, own, and wield.

But it isn’t out there. You can’t buy love at the farmers market or steal it from an unsuspecting shop-owner.

No, the only way to love is to realize that it’s a person. How could you be like someone you never met? How can we love when we forget who love is? I say “who” because in a world of hurt we need to grab onto flesh and bones. If we are honest with ourselves we know affection just won’t cut it. We know that sympathy only goes so far and for a weeping heart it’s not nearly far enough. If we peel back our skin and poke around we know that nothing will kindle our hearts but a warm love that holds us until morning. I wonder if you doubt there is a love like that? I wonder if you’ve given up on a love that is a person not a fleeting emotion?

We should remember that in that dark pitched night when His friends had all fallen asleep He could have stopped.
Christ could have said enough. Moreover, the Father could have said “Enough!” as His son hung in agony.

But love proved to be strong that day. The Father introduced a love that we can hold onto. He gave us flesh and bones and a resurrected Savior that encourages us to love like He does: with flesh and bones and mind and heart.

If we’re honest we know we need this love: a love that doesn’t look to keep itself protected.

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