Singing Soul

First, these words from David,

Because you are my help,
I sing in the shadow of you wings. (Psalm 63:7)

For the Christian, rest involves singing. Rest involves joy.
Rest gives us a context to be ourselves, who we were created to be in the garden. And this rest is not just a once a week Sabbath that we carve out amidst our crazy schedules but this rest is permanent. At least it is permanent to us that recognize our Helper.

We ought to be clear in defining our help. For God’s wings bend and curl around those who acknowledge Him as the only One who can keep, protect, and harbor. There is no other secure place on the earth, there is no other hiding place and this is crucial to remember among the “advertised harbors”. Oh, how our Father hurts at the sight of His children trying to rest in hard places. Has not the cross told us that of all things our Father is, He is most certainly generous? A stingy Father cannot give His son. Yet, we think we can find a better lover.

How often we try to curl up and sing in a place that cannot sustain our weary head. As the Giver, God gives good things. Yet, of all the things He may bestow on His needy sheep, we so often forget the One who brings us into rest. Imagine Christ healing the lame, restoring sight to the blind, and each man falling down giving thanks to the healing not the healer. Imagine the sadness on our Savior’s face when we worship the grace not the giver.

And it is not just His sadness that we must endure but our burdened backs as we misplace our rest. For we are called to a life different than the anxious world. Christ was so burdened. So why do we pick up the weight He bore? On Him, we read, was laid the anxiety, the guilt, the fears, the heartache, the crushed spirits, the darkness, and the shame of sin.

Friends, of all the things we are called to in the Christian life, our anxious spirits we must learn to leave.

So soul, remember today that you are invited to sing.
Soul, do not hold gifts the way the world does.
Soul, remember that the Creator’s wings are bent and curled for you.

Sing today, soul, because God is your helper.

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