Hand over Hand

(Upon reading Psalm 85)

Hand over hand,
dirt upon dirt,
he wrestles with Him that drew Him first.
A tug and shove and a cry to the sky,
Father if you’re purposes are sure,
what is the reason for “Why”?

You’re the shepherd, the staff, the reed unbroken,
you whisper to the sea,
and your dominion is certain.
Yet, our lives, our toil, our hearts,
feel muddled all over.

So show us the way between green hedges,
show us life that was bought not taken,
show us a covenant that cannot be broken.

We rest in your word, we need to be certain,
your promises are sure,
so let us receive them.

Forgive our hearts as we doubt and cringe,
we worry each hour and forget the perfect plea:
you’ve done it,
you’ve conquered,
you show us the way,
you gave us your Son,
what room is there for dismay?

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