What does it mean to be poor?

At some point we must ask ourselves: What does it mean to be poor? 

For we certainly all want to be rich and full. Our hearts desire is to be fed and we must know what it would mean to eat things with no substance. We must know what it would mean to be poor.

It’s a hard question to answer because its answer has serious implications. Who desires to be impoverished? No one. Therefore, once a man can answer what it means to be poor he must act in ways to stay away from such poverty. Ask your heart this question and you will but a dip your toe into the hearts deception. For we are always telling ourselves the things we should believe but rarely believe in the things that are truest. The second your heart asks this question you may find that it comes with a limited response: to be poor is to be poor now.

Now. Today. This hour.

We Christians must look at our Savior more frequently. For we know not the truest meaning of the word impoverished. Yes, some of us know what it is to be like Paul: hard-pressed, confused, struck down, and inflicted. Yet, our crown, our glory was purchased in the past and will be fully revealed in the future. Now we are but the orange hues spread out before the glorious day. Now we are but the morning birds telling creation to wake, slumber not, your King has come.

What does it mean to be poor? It means to miss the orange hues, to see the blue lake dancing and still believe the Son has not come. This is poverty and there is no truer sense. And if this is true poverty then we may do well to consider the best ways to become rich. We may do well to ponder all the hedges we have thrown around places that have no value. What walls have we erected that must be torn down? How much energy the Christian may waste on protecting things that are of trivial worth. Let us not waste energy protecting all the things that will only fade.

Rather, let us dance in the riches we have already been given and show the world that hope can change more than just abstractions.

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