Food for the Anxious

“You see at just the right time…” (Romans 5:6)

Romans is blanketed with this kind of language. It’s the language of sovereignty and it’s the language of hope.

Since we have a God that is outside of time-that stands over past, present, and future, it is tempting to think that God does not consider time important. In the middle of unemployment, in the dark trenches of heartache, or even when hope is dancing around us but not quite within reach, we may wonder: Does God know what I have tomorrow? Has God considered that yesterday brought news that I can’t handle this afternoon? Is God aware of time? God, are you urgent in love or passive in displaying mercy?

When we have these questions (and we will frequently) Romans is there to build us up. Paul’s letter is much more than a playground for those with a theological bent. The pages of Romans tell a detailed story of sovereignty. They show us a God that had it planned from the very beginning. God never lost a step but rather has orchestrated every move.

Dear Christian, if God has orchestrated the dance of His son for your salvation will He not guide your steps this day? If Christ has secured our eternity will He lead you ever astray?

May we have the grace to believe that God is always coming down, ever present, and always in step with His creation.

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