We are Needy

At some point theological truths must lead us to hope. Theology as a proper means to proper hope is good, holy, and desirable. Yet, it’s always been easier for the Christian to swallow truth and never digest hope. Yes, somewhere between the head and the gut there seems to be a backup of sorts.

Tonight the backup revolves around the sovereignty of God. For here rests our true safe haven: God is infinitely wise and infinitely loving. Yet, my gut doesn’t buy it. My stomach turns sidewise and does flips as I try to pass this truth down. And I think the first thing we need to know is that this is OK.

We need to know it’s OK to tell Jesus we are scared and we’re ashamed of being so scared.
We need to know it’s OK to not have words in prayer but to offer groans up instead.

The Psalms teach us many things but one of the loudest truths that these sweet prayers teach us is that we are always to be honest with Jesus. A man that bore our grief expects us to take our cries to the cross. Perhaps the Spirit strikes us dumb so we remember that even our faintest prayers are cherished by a God who still creates the cool of the day.

I need to remember that God wants us honest before he wants us silent. Honesty paves the way to holiness, it serves as the intro to all our prayers and our honesty echoes David’s: “but as for me I am poor and needy”. (Psalm 40)

And that’s the wonderful good news of a stricken Savior: He knows our honesty is weakness. We confess our poverty and instead of running away God is pleased that we now are in on the discovery. We tremble at our neediness and God is happy to take us in. For He only takes the needy ones and His hand is only on those who are poor.

Here is good news: Christ came for those who are honestly sick and truthfully needy. (Matthew 9:11)

And friends, this is our condition and we shall not be ashamed: we ought to be dead but God was pleased to give us life.

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