Fickle Hearts Need Reminding

I heard on the radio today a man selling some kind of insurance. His clincher was this:

If you don’t secure your future, who will?

And the line is shaking me still because it’s the very antithesis to the Father’s love.

A God that pulled us out of dirt, breathed holy mystery into our bones, walked with us as we walked away and then came after us even though it cost Him more than we will know- surely this God is one that secures futures.

Yet, the line shook me because I realize that my flesh is still clinging to a lie. I’m not sure about you but I sometimes look at the fruit, believe the snake and eat in hopes of living a better life. The tragedy is that we still fear. We fear that God is holding out and we could be doing more. Maybe if we worked just a bit longer, if we said more of the right thing and less of the wrong, and spent more time with the right people we would just wrap our arms around security.

I’m on the edge of a move looking down and shaking at the prospect: maybe I could do more, maybe I missed the sign, maybe I’m following an illusion not my God. Maybe it’s irrational. 

When you and I are on the edge of anything our fears and hopes begin to blur even more and we have to face the question all over again: who is securing my future?

So at times like these it’s good to rehearse the things we forget.
For you and for me let’s remember together the backbone of our faith and the hope that we can always rest in: even if we are faithless He will remain faithful for He cannot deny Himself. (2 Timothy 2:13)

This is the cornerstone to our undeserved hope because it goes right to the worst case scenario. And this is what fear loves to create: anxiety around situations that we feel most ashamed of. So blessed Paul writes to the young Timothy and goes right to the ring. (Paul’s a fighter and He wants the young lad to remember He is on the winning side) Paul tells Him and he tells us a roosters story: brothers and sisters, when the morning sun rises and you remember that you’ve disowned Christ more than you can bare to confess, remember Christ makes beautiful people out of “little faiths”. Friends if your God seeks you when you’ve spit at Him, what could you ever do to make Him faithless? 

So we’re introduced to grace once again and we weep at the beauty of a Father that loves so richly. Fear has no place in our hearts, dear Christian, for we are not called to stand on our own sacrifice but kneel before a One that already gave it all.

Who is the one that secures futures?
He’s the One that knows your favorite color and is happy he made it.
He’s the One who counts your hairs because His creation counts.
He’s the One that bore a tree because we thought we knew a more beautiful sight.
He’s the One that sings a new morning into place, and covers night with glory.
He’s the One that came down because we had no way to get up.

He’s personal and He’s holy. He’s mighty and He’s tender.
He’s sovereign and this shall be enough.

Weary, fearful heart, if you doubt like mine is prone to do,
remember that Christ cannot deny Himself
and therefore, is not capable of forsaking you.

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