A Dancing People

Lord, restore our hope because we’re not sure it’s ours to lean on anymore.

We’ve become hesitant hopers.
Our hands aren’t sure they can feel your Son’s side.
Our eyes aren’t sure they remember your wounded hands.
We’ve forgotten again.

We’ve forgotten that if you’ve given us your only Boy, your cherished son, what shall you hold back?
We’ve forgotten that you have promised to make us Holy.
We’ve forgotten that you made the beautiful things out of your fullness.
We’ve forgotten that you love a dancing people.
We’ve forgotten that you have a purpose and it shall not be thwarted.
We’ve forgotten that even the wind and waves obey you.
We’ve forgotten that you’re the God that made music.

We’ve been so scared to hope.
in the memory of heartache, in the wake of unemployment, in the sea of disease,
we wonder again, God: can we hope?

Father, do we have a right to hope? Is it responsible to hope? Should we not rather assume that the hatches will burst,  that the boards will come undone and that the helm will indeed break? Father, should we not prepare for our hearts to be disappointed? Should we not be afraid?

Cherished Savior, remind us of that dark pitched night when all lights went out and you felt the nothingness of a detached Father. Remind us that as you bore the weight we could not bear, hopelessness had its moment. For that was the full attack of hell itself upon your Holy limbs.Your beautiful brow struck and the lights went dim. Fear began to boast and raise it’s smiling lips. Hopelessness flexed its muscle and thought itself strong.

Yet, fear began to wilt as the earth rustled with the rumor: He will rise. And you did. And hope won and so did dancing.

So sweet Father remind us of resurrection’s song. Remind us of the tune that will carry us in hope.

Let us hear the melody and remember that we are a dancing people.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Nyla says:

    Moved beyond words. Thank you.


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