For us: Namers

We’re still doing it Father.
We, creatures, not the Creator, are seeing, tasting, and calling things “good”.

Forgive us that we think we can decree what you have already given name to.
Forgive us that we in our pride, think we can rename creation to our likeness.

You created. You saw it was good. You.
You create names, call things what they are, and then invite us to call them their name too.

Yet, we’re not content with this invitation.
We’re not satisfied with our given state-your fullness among us,
rather we crucified your fullness and once again named things other than they were.

Sweet Namer, forgive us for our naming,
for our desire to see, call, and ignore your wisdom.

Yet, you gave us what we cried for,
you gave us your Son and you gave us His cross.
And then you gave us what we did not believe,
you gave us resurrection and you gave us a new name.

Beautiful Namer, let us know our name today.

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