For us “Cains”

Forgive us as we remember our Cain-like offerings.
We give cheaply because we wonder if you don’t give the same.
We doubt your goodness, your grace, your providence, and your name.
We doubt your Son.

So we offer up like Cain and then remain dismayed when we feel ashamed.
More than this, Father, we harbor bitterness towards the “Abels”,

Those righteous ones that work and offer generously back,
our brothers and sisters that humbly give, and humbly trust.

Oh, our sin is two count: we give cheaply and then envy those with faith.
We murder our brothers in our hearts as  we secretly wish we could have more faith.

Dismantle our pride this day that we may come to Jesus with all we don’t yet have,
expecting Him to clothe us with all that we need.
For you do not expect us to clothe ourselves.
You never have and you never will.

Grant us the grace to submit to your Son, to your Spirit, and to your Fatherly hand.
We are lost, angry, bitter, and prideful without you.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Nyla says:

    Beautifully raw. I love your honesty. Thank you.


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