Truth must not be so evasive that we cannot reach around and feel it. And yet, to think we could ever hold truth is to imagine our arms larger than they are. The proud seek to hold when they ought to kneel. The simple seek to dance around what they ought to penetrate. The Lord governs both of these hearts and yet there is a third that knows him best. He that speaks in both boldness and charity is a son and not a slave. For courage must not be the attitude of meekness but humble confidence. They who do not trust cannot be strong. Yet, there is no chance of a boy becoming a man when he is too proud to imagine the Lord reigning in Him.

All of creation begs to be reborn yet few are willing to deliver the cry of redemption. It is not our hands that bring forth this marvelous being but it is certainly for our good that we be in ear shot of this newborn. And it is not good enough to hear the cry of rebirth but rather to be in the same family of the one that has grown another member.

Fickle hearts and trembling hands make a sons path hard to bear. He is told not to be strong from a young age. For independence is a fool and yet crutches will make the man think he is lame. In reality He is paralyzed. What he needs is a Savior.

Once saved the son walks in a kingdom that is brighter than gold and more sure than silver. Yet, he is always the piercing dagger for the prince of night. As such his gait is always to be crippled, always to be slain, and always to be broken. It is not prideful to talk of such power because the son knows it is not his light that shines forth but the light that has made him a son. So it is good to talk of real things and admit the severity of salvation.

Yet, pride is always a predator. And the man that thinks he has no sin is a liar. Yet walk with broadened shoulders for pride in salvation is no sin. You are to be proud: not in your own flesh but in a God who reigneth forever. So pride may stalk you but you must laugh. Your limbs have bought you nothing! Yet, His are forever worth boasting in.

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