Proverbs 19

If you’re poor and pure, bless God!
for a rich fool knows no such blessing.

Passion without forethought is dangerous,
your may run too quick and miss the way.

A fool is constantly hurting himself,
and yet in his fury, blames His creator.

Wealth attracts a host of brothers,
poverty drives them all away.

A deceptive witness will not get away,
and the lying man will be caught.

How many want counsel with a ruler,
and all desire to befriend a generous man.

A poor man is cast out by his own family,
and his friends run from him in the marketplace!
Though he yells out for them,
he finds no reply. 

A man that loves himself acquires wisdom;
the prosperous adore understanding.

The lying witness will not go free,
and the one who spews deceit will die.

Luxury has no room for a fool-
even worse is the slave who tries to command princes.

Do you see a patient man? It is because He has wisdom.
When he forgives, his glory grows.

The fury of a King roars like a lion,
yet His favor falls like soft snow.

A fool ruins His Father,
and a petty wife is like a leaky faucet.

Land and riches are passed down from parents,
but a wise wife comes straight from the Lord.

Idle hands produce slumber,
and wandering eyes fail the belly.

The obedient protect their life,
but the scornful are without guard.

Those who show love to the poor are generous to God,
and God will grant a reward to each.

A disciplined son has hope,
fathers, do not kill your boy by remaining passive!

A man with a temper must pay the price;
look away once, and you will have to look away again.

Accept guidance and open your ears to advice,
and your end days will be marked by wisdom.

A man’s heart is constantly planning,
yet, the Lord’s providence rules them all.

Our hearts seek one thing: unfailing love,
better to be called ‘poor’ than ‘liar’.

Fear the Lord and you will find life:
then you shall rest with contentment as your song.

The drunk grabs another glass,
yet, his arm cannot even lift it to his lips.

Discipline the mocker, and the naive will learn wisdom;
rebuke a man of understanding, and he will gain knowledge.

A disgraceful son is this:
he that grieves his mother, and steals from his father.

Close your ears, my child,
and you will run in fields of peril.

Justice is mocked when a witness deceives,
the wicked cannot satisfy their craving for evil.

Mockers will be paid back for their scorn,
and fools will know the rod.

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