Do you wonder at trial?

“Then the dragon became furious with the woman and went off to make war on the rest of her offspring, on those who keep the commandments of God and hold to the testimony of Jesus.” Revelation 13:17

Do you wonder at the harshness of the Christian life? Is your soul troubled at the persistent doubt, the torrent downfall of temptation or the cursed land that lies before you? A dragon is furious with you. He gnaws at you and desires you to fall. He’s lost his temper and it may be good for you to understand why, dear Christian. The beast of hell has become enraged at the offensive. The Lord attacked with mercy on that star filled night in Bethlehem. The creator of heaven and earth struck with a meekness so mighty it was wrapped in clothe. The dragon in all its might cannot stand grace. He fell because of pride and he would wish the same on us.

So, Christian, you must understand that the night that our Father sent His very being in flesh was a stamp of commitment. It was another arrow that sent the dragon spiraling.

The Lord is so committed to His creation. Do you believe this? Do you see this sign in Christ? Dear Christian, of all things you question ne’er question the steadfastness of our Lord. For He does not turn His back on that which He took on. He wrapped Himself in “ADAM” (man) and took it all the way to the cross.

So Christian, the fire you feel, the temptation that arises, the hurt that presses on all sides-rejoice for the dragon is jealous! Deep down this beastly creature must wonder what would happen if He had loved grace instead of despised it. Yet, He cares not for mercy when He could puff with pride. Sons and daughters of the King, rejoice! The dragon only pursues that which is a threat to the Kingdom of our Lord.

And the mighty Warrior (Christ Jesus) sits with His feet on the dragons head-the beast can only move so far as the Lord ordains. Remember that you will stand firm until the end. Remember that the great Shepherd does not lose one sheep on the way to heaven.

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