I only have a question

Excuse me, I have a question. 
Or maybe two or three. 
Grieving silence begs the question,
are you there, still on that tree?
Are your hands still bound and nailed?
Did you stay up on that cross? 
I’m asking because the world is wondering,
Did you stay or come back to us?
The world needs something fuller
than a mere heroic death.
Dying can’t be the climax,
it leave us out of breath. 
These questions keep on mounting,
because You said you’d be right there.
You said you would never leave us,
but our eyes are getting scared.
The violence is inside all of us,
but lately it’s been seen. 
We’ve heard more cries than laughter,
and I don’t think we know where to be.
Do we go and face the madness? 
Do we act the courageous part?
Do we turn and lock the handle?
Do we throw away the key?
Father, please forgive us,
but we really need to be with Thee.
We know you are risen,
and we know you conquered death.
Yet, the pain still grips our forearms,
and death bites at our lips. 
We know it’s for you glory,
and your goodness will endure. 
Yet, we need reminders daily,
that death’s voice is weak and hoarse. 
It’s voice is muffled by your Spirit,
that speaks to us today. 
Hear our cry for peace.
Let us know your arms. 
Forgives us, Oh dear Father,
for forgetting oh so often. 
Teach us to remember.
Teach us to know peace. 
Excuse me but I have a question,
or maybe two or three. 
Can you come back soon dear Savior?
Will you take me up with Thee? 

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