Fish and Loaves

We are all called to our own soil.

The Lord has directed each of His children to plant and harvest in their own way. Whether it’s teachers in the classroom, lawyers in the courtroom, mothers in the home, fathers in the yard, nurses in the corridors, doctors on the table, or countless other paths-all His children live to show His mercy.

For three years I thought my soil would be the courtroom. I thought my mission field would be interceding for clients and advising them about their legal options. Up until last month I had planned on taking a brief hiatus from academia, working a full time job, and then attending law school.The Lord had other plans.

In the final days of July, through scripture and prayer, the Lord called me to preach. Through weak knees and joyful tears I said, YES. I also said not now. I wanted to plan and earn some money first. I wanted my own place, maybe a new car, a healthy savings account, and then I would attend seminary.

Then I “happened” to have a beer with the Dean of Hope’s Chapel, the two pastors from Pillar Church, a couple deacons, and a former theology professor. It was a warm summer evening and the laughs grew loud. Then the Dean of the Chapel proceeded to ask about my calling, what I wanted to do and why. When he heard I had been called to preach, He proceeded to preach at me. For the next 15 minutes I squirmed in my seat trying to deflect his encouragement to go now! I didn’t want to hear it. I appreciated the time and love he showed but I had other plans. It wasn’t practical to go this fall.

Well, the following day I heard the same words from a dear friend. She pushed and prodded and said, “I don’t understand why just don’t go now.” It was all hitting too close to home. Then two days later I heard a sermon on Peter’s reinstatement after his denial of Christ-John 21:15-18. Three times Jesus pronounced “Feed my sheep.” I was left crying in my pew and finally willing to go to seminary.

The past two weeks have been a blur. The Lord has worked and gained me admittance into the Master of Divinity program at Western Theological Seminary. He has also given me a new job at Gazelle Sports in Holland. He surely does not “leave us as orphans”! (John 14:18).

Yet, it takes a village.

It takes community to enter our calling and I hope you will journey with me through this calling. Community ties us to one another. We are bound with thick knots to those we call brother and to those we call sister. Our minds and hearts were made for this “dance”. A triune God created us and therefore we are a people not just a person.

As I look toward this fall I am wondering at the fish and loaves. (Mark 6:30) Seminary tuition is not the burden of another undergraduate program, yet it is substantial. Due to my late admittance I can not seek financial aid for my first semester. I believe this is God’s will. For, I cannot boast in my ability and He truly does desire mercy not sacrifice. (Matthew 9:13)

I would like to invite you into this journey with me. I will be dedicating a blog post every other week to my time at seminary.  For “we are members of one another” (Romans 12:5). If you wish to journey with me through my time at Western simply follow this blog and you will receive updates via email. I ask for your prayers, for your rebuke, for your encouragement and your laughter as I stumble along the way.

If you feel called to give financially you can simply send a check to

Western Theological Seminary
Office of Financial Aid
101 East 13th Street,
Holland MI 49423
(Just note on the check that it is for David Hamilton and it will be credited to my account)

You can also email me at with any questions or any encouragement you wish to pass along.

The Lord is faithful and his mercies are new every morning.

I have classes one week from today and I am amazed at His call.

I look forward to sharing with you the joys of the journey, and the formation of my calling.

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