He’s Not in the Tomb

I’m not in the tomb. The dust doesn’t hold my shattered wrists or my bloody heels. The ground may be moist with my blood but my body is risen. I’m not in the tomb. I defeated death. But you’re looking for me in a tomb again.

Your eyes are bloodshot your hands are shaking and your searching for me among the dead. I died but I’m not among these corpses. I was pierced but I took on death and won. This matters to you. It matters for the cancer, for the joblessness, for the death, and for the child that won’t come home. I dwell among the dying, don’t get me wrong. I come alongside and in between those who face death all day long. But I come alive. I am not one of the dead but I hear the dying plea.

So raise your eyes, dear Christian. Stop expecting me to be in the tomb. A stone couldn’t hold me and the drabs of death have been cast off. I’m not in the tomb. Your worries, anxieties, hopes, and dreams should be seen in this light. The truth is, I’m a conqueror and I live inside of you. So, I’ll go one step further, you can’t live like you’re in the tomb either.

That’s a strong stone you have in front of you. The walls are dark and the situation is uncertain. But I’ve been here! The stone was sealed for me too and I came bursting forth with such power that my disciples couldn’t recognize me.

Stop looking at the stone and look at the me. I raise the dead. Let this sink in. Complete and utter death even has the potential for life. I’m a resurrector. I’m a conqueror.

Please don’t look for me or yourself in the tomb. Let the resurrected life show you a reality that is wide and deep. I speak and things are. Remember that.

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