Ponder Anew

The boat moves like a drunkard sailor and the men believe death is upon them.

Jesus is stirred from sleep by words filled with fear. The men quickly reveal their doubt and cast it on the who knows the word burden. Yet, they cast burdens while doubting they will hit broad enough shoulders. They cast anxiety on the one who knows the inside of every living thing but wish they could have another frame to lean on also.

The men see both the Word and the sea. The men feel the water on their skin and Jesus in their hands as they shake him awake. Yet, one reality swallows another. The sea and splintering wood engulf the Prince of Peace. In their minds the physical is master and the Word is slave. Fear lurks because the Creator and the created have lost their rightful place.

One word and their reality is shaken. Silence echoes in their ears and they are in awe of the One who spoke. They are right to be amazed but we are wrong to be surprised.

Splintering wood and sea sick faces,
I wonder at the vessels strength.
Perhaps the wooden beams were meant to be broken so I would only seek His face?
Torn, ripped, the seams pulled out,
my plans have known the dust.
I now look up to heaven’s gates and cry,
“Give me the strength to do what I must.”

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