Three in One

I can barely push out the words today which is why I am attempting to bring to paper that which swims violently in my head and heart.

It seems another Michigan morning has brought little solace to the fact that I am needy.

Why are you downcast, O my soul? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him my Savior and my God. (Psalms 42:11)

The effects of having a Triune God are infinite and mysterious. Yet one small ripple of being created by a “three-in-one” is that we are dynamic creatures. We talk to ourselves. We need conversation within our own beings. Yes, it does sound a bit odd but if a “man after God’s own heart” conversed with his heart and soul, I think we should do the same.

In the same spirit that we encourage others we also should encourage ourselves. That bit of truth we shoot to a friend, or the short message we email to an ill family member, should also take root in our own hearts. But more than this, we should make time to take the truth of God and argue it into place. Our hearts are fickle things and our minds play tricks on our hearts. So I think it’s good to give ourselves a good talking to.

I’m not speaking of mere introspection but rather of submission. I have fears and worries and hopes. I have dreams and desires. Yet, I do a clumsy job of submitting these to the Word. The Word which authored my being, your doing, and our existence. The Word which molded the greens and browns. The Word which told each mountain where to stand and each river where to run. The Word which talks to the Father and the Spirit.

So let us talk to ourselves, preach to our hearts, and seek the Word, which is our peace.  It is in Him and Him alone that we have our being.

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