Not In Doing

They say rest is found in doing,
in putting up a fight.
Peace is for those who have,
who have won and have the rights.
Rest in your achievement.
Rest once you have it all.
Confidence grows from getting,
and having no regrets.
So grab all you can handle,
and turn your gaze in at yourself.
You are your creator,
so trust in what you feel.
Yet our hands have only fingers,
they do not hold the world.
Our minds cannot plan oceans,
our hearts cannot sow seas.
So lift your eyes to Jesus,
He will be all you need.
In him we have our being,
in him we are made whole.
Look outward, my dear brother,
find peace in being small.
You are not creator,
you are not the King.
Nay that title is already given,
the heavens sing His name.
Let us rest in His providence,
and cherish His sweet love.
He will ne’er forget,
those He bought with His blood.

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