Jealous Moon

Take me in.
Don’t take me out. 
Oh, I know how it will read,
how we ‘adventured far too deep’. 
Yet, let them sit and tally our errors,
for the cedars do not mind our keep. 
Take me under and let me out,
where the moon grows jealous,
and the silence breaths loud. 
Take my body and make it tired,
give my mind a break from life’s desires,
the ones we think we really need,
the ones that trap us at our knees. 
Take me down and let my toes sink,
into fields that have no taint
of harsh cement and buildings high,
that ‘jungle’ will be our demise.  
Take me over and let me see,
the iced-capped mountains,
and forest trees. 
Let’s take this soil,
and make our food. 
You and me, let’s have a plan,
then cross it out and begin again. 

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