Laughter echoes in the my head. Sleep calls but does not demand.

I wonder at the end of another.

As night pulls a blanket around the toes of the soil, and the softer light takes stage; I wonder.

I wonder at the beauty in the words “I love you”. Surely such great affection is too costly to make sense in our world. In a grid filled with plots and curves, surely the return on the words “I love you.” has been labeled as ‘uncertain’ or ‘high-risk/low return’. We do not pretend we mean them as much as we could. Nay, we who love also know how we don’t. Yet, we keep whispering them as we grow into sincerity.

A golden morning may bleed enough mercy for us to learn a little more. Perhaps another round of that morning bean will give us another taste of his richness. I think excitement is written beneath our hands. And why not jump with expectation as we get another glimpse into the eyes of our Savior.

Oh, we see darkly. That mirror is warped and the glass is clumsy. Yet, we see. Morning after morning I learn the need to set a different alarm. The second one does not sound but it tingles. My body is thirsty and I must drink. So we dip down each morning learning a little more. Our cups are so small and our mouths so full, that we can only take a drop at first.

Yet, with a humble heart and a strong arm He helps us be naked again. The sacrifice already made, our Father bears with great patience our pride and leads us to joy.

I am not yet ready to submit to slumber. The covers make a poor plea compared to the courageous voice of He that is.

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