Know that I see. I see and I know.

Be encouraged, my dear one, that I know and I see. Furthermore, know that I act. Remember the cross? Remember my One and Only son? Remember?

I see. I know. I act.

As the days flip over and the weeks continue to crash over, I need you to remember. This is one reason I give you my spirit. My Spirit keeps us in step. Yes. You and me were made to be in step, made to be together and I like it that way. I created you to be with me. I enjoy when you sit with me. You need me and I love you. Know this. Remember this.

My son, my daughter, the world is often in so much pain that instead of remembering something that their soul cries out for, they want to press forget on everything. Redemption is a ferry tale to many. Restoration is only a dream to those who don’t know my Son. So don’t be surprised when you are tempted to live of the world instead of in it. They would have you believing that freedom comes from being the master. But you know that only leads to destruction. Every heart thirsts to be owned. Every heart thirsts for a good master. I will give you water that will wash out the scorched parts of your soul.

Remember that my love for you moved me to sacrifice. Remember that love moves me. Remember that justice is my creation and grace my gift. Remember my nature.

So my Son, my daughter, remember that you are mine and I love being yours. You are my bride and I am making you more and more beautiful each day.

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