Forever is Enough

A moment is not our calling,

nay it’s not our name.

The devil is for the moments,

ours is “forever reign.”

He relishes the small times,

the times when darkness shrouds.

He knows his end is coming,

yet torments as he falls.

It’s something to take note of.

We should rejoice at his fall.

For though our sin may entice us,

our Saviour rises above them all.

It’s true that we may stumble,

we need the blood each day.

But alas, take heart dear Christian,

the Spirit is here to stay.

We run the race before us,

tripping as we go.

Yet, holding out for the finish line,

for it’s been purchased for His name.

So kill the sin that entangles,

repent and start anew.

But my brother and my sister,

please remember this:

Sin can only grasp at moments

while we are forever His.

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