Holding Patterns

It’s clear but muddy: the feeling of a holding pattern.

You know, the pilot that is told, “Hold and wait for a landing strip.”

Hold. Wait.

The directions are clear but the sensation tingles and begins to feel odd. What did the control tower say? Hold? Wait? How long ago was that again? 

It makes the pilot consider his role. It makes the whole crew mull over their true purpose. It makes a man’s hands wonder at their reason. 

The mind likes to be in overdrive to avoid the difficult questions as these. As long as the aircraft gets from A to B over and over, the job can begin to be a purpose. The reason can be lost within our actions instead of our being. Yet, the holding patterns make our minds wonder again. The circular patterns force us to think.

We can go from A to B and then seamlessly hit repeat while still gripping our favorite coffee mug. The caffeine performs and we continue to work. Yet, the holding patterns save us. The times when our soft and tender Savior whispers:

Remember, I bought you? Remember Your purpose is different? Remember, my child. I saved you from the points: from losing yourself in the A to Bs. I am your Rock, your Confidence, your Satisfaction and your Father. 

So, here’s to the holding patterns, the times when we think we are losing our very nature. For these may just be the times we are reminded of what it means to be human.

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