invisible root

Have you ever held a laugh that had no root?

So joyful, that it shakes the head,

and then each foot?

Forget not his benefits. (the Word boldly proclaims)

And this must be the reason for my odd situation:

I laughed with such joy that sadness came too.

It’s odd, I know, but I think it’s true.

The birds proclaim a mystery that is valiant.

Shadow lines and deep coffee mugs give some context.

We are sorrowful yet always rejoicing. 

For my heart leaps with green and yellow.

Yet, I also know well the dark and silent.

These are not opposites.

It’s not quite that simple.

For the same heart that loves justice,

also has a mind that hates evil.

Joy and love are a deep wooden table.

Many are invited,

yet few dip their ladle.

So I’ll rejoice,

for I’ll one day be with my King,

yet, tears fill my eye that I am not yet with Thee.

To be fully known and yet still called son,

is enough to bring violence:

My chest caves and sighs, overtaken with joy.

The strong hands and deep shoulders that carry us home,

yes, the vision of such truth brings hope unending.

So I’ll cry and I’ll laugh all in one breath.

For my body cannot fully handle the prince of peace,

without sobs and shrieks.

My hands they quiver and my voice goes silent.

I can’t stand straight in such joy.

Have you ever held a laugh with no visible root?

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