Everyone Wants To Be Lost

Please, she said, You’re so beautiful. You may eat me if you like. I’d rather be eaten by you then fed by anyone else.
C.S Lewis  

Our very being is lost inside the One who dug into dirt, crafted man, and then pronounced throughout Creation:

It is good. Don’t you see? It is good. Look, I am doing a new thing! 

Our hands don’t make sense without this truth. Our eyes may as well be blind and our legs crippled. We can scrape at the empty garbage bins looking for truth, and for substance. We can limp around thinking that we can create. Yet, we are faced with a longing that can’t be filled within our bodies.

 Our soul longs to lose itself. Our very body wishes to be lost from its own shackles.

Look at the culture and everyone wants to be lost. Lost in the moment, lost in a woman, lost in a man, lost in a song, lost in the game, lost. Everyone with a sense of integrity wants to be lost. We all long to be apart of something much larger and to lose (even if for just a night) ourselves.

Yet, there is only one body that is able hold our broken bodies perfectly. There is only one lake that takes our plunge and gives us life. Only one light says, “Come and I will bear your burdens.” Only One.

He is the same One who placed the stars around the moon. He’s the same One who hovered over the waters and then created. He is the same One who tramples over death. He is Creator. He is Lord. He is King. He is redeemer. Let us embrace Him.

Our beginnings start with His beauty. Our stories start inside His.

We should embrace the deep longing to lose our life.

However, we injure ourselves a great deal if we think the created can hold our being. Nothing is large enough, wonderful enough, our tender enough to get lost in but the One whose wounds invite our burdens. Dive deeply and be amazed that your fingers will never brush the bottom. Swim violently and passionately. Dip your head down deep. Feel the largeness and the tenderness. Try to know Him and you will realize He knows you. Grab a friend’s hand and plunge into His being.

Seek His face. Love His mercy and you will, I do believe, find yourself lost.

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