Not Another Observer

Language is important. Words mean something. Jesus never wasted a word. He is the Word and nothing out of the Word is categorized as simply interesting. The Word spoke life and he spoke with intention. This is especially clear when we notice how Jesus comforts His disciples and us.

When Jesus is about to conquer death, when He is about to “prepare a room for us” at Golgotha, He says over and over, ” Do not let your hearts be troubled”. Our response echos that of the disciples: How?

You are leaving Jesus. You are going away and we cannot go with you. We’ve loved being with You. Things are different when you are here. You bring light everywhere you step. Darkness flees when it hears your voice. Lord, I don’t want to face the darkness without you. You are leaving.

Jesus doesn’t respond by just saying, “Hold on and wait.” Jesus doesn’t point to eternity and say just hold out for that and then you will have me again. We will be with Him in eternity but our voices join with the disciples and want to know, What about right now? What about tonight, Jesus? What about when you are on the tree? What about when the phone call comes and I’m on my knees? What about when I lose my job and my kids need me? What about when my health fails? What about the darkness? What about right now? 

Jesus’ answer: the Counselor. The Spirit of God and therefore, the Spirit of Christ is with us. Notice what Jesus doesn’t give us. He doesn’t give us an observer. He doesn’t give us another person to just watch us. Our Lord doesn’t leave us with a mere observer. He leaves us the Counselor.

I’m not in need of another spectator. I don’t need someone else to merely watch my actions, behavior, and conduct. None of us need someone else just watching.

The Father doesn’t leave us as orphans. We are not orphans. In the family of Christ, we are heirs. We are grafted in. We are sons, and daughters. And what human father just looks? What dad just looks at their kids when they are in need?

Our heavenly Father comes down. He is always coming down. We don’t just have a counselor within us. We have the Counselor within us. He knows what we need, and He guides our steps. He pleads on our behalf when words just can’t come out. He knows and He loves.

We have the Counselor within our hearts and therefore, our hearts can live in peace.

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