When I think of all your works, all your being, all your creatures, I am overwhelmed. I thank you for the kids, for the sun, for the runners, for the horns, for the dogs, for the parents, for the laughter, for the screams of joy, for the joy of watching. I thank you that we watch and are amazed. I thank you that You are everywhere yet not contained in anything. My heart cannot take in the beauty. I know not why you shared your wholeness with us. The only answer to these beauties, the only way to make sense of such wonderful things, is that you actually love us. I know not how. For I am poor. I am needy. But your fullness shines everywhere. I hear it in the shouts of joy, in the creeks of a rolling stroller, and in the soft pit-pat of my gait. Lord, you are too beautiful for me. You are too magnificent.

Thank for the family playing baseball. Thank for the sun on my skin. Thank you for the shoes on all these feet. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you for the awkward and yet beautiful scamper of a child. Thank you for the way they run. Thank you even for the way they fall-awkwardly and yet softly. They look at their parents wondering if the fall is worth the cry. They look wanting assurance that they will be OK. They look for a smile to break their tears.

I look to you the same way. I’m sorry for not looking at you when I fall. Sometimes I look at myself, and sometimes I look at the ground.

If I can love these unknown children, if I can have any affection for these small ones,  if my heart is at all moved from this creation, how much more Lord do you love the things your hand has made! I marvel at the panting of the dog. The way it wags its tail and returns to its master.

I wonder at the birds that fly above. I wonder at the sound of feet running. I can’t begin to understand the intricacies of your creation. Surely, it was good, surely it still can be good, and surely one day it will be all good again.

You created everything with a purpose. The animals for our comfort, and the trees for us to marvel at. You gave us the ability to create in love.

You share, and build, and love. You give and give and give. You have always wanted to walk with us.

I hear the cry of a child and I remember the marring we have done. But you remember we are dust. You remember we are fickle. And you love us. A love that is pure and bright and frankly, disturbing. It moves my soul. It shuffles everything in my heart. Nothing is settled in my heart when I consider your love. It takes me over and in this time I know my heart is not my own. I enjoy the flutter. These times when I cannot direct my inmost thoughts. You capture them and I am left naked.

Thank you. Blessed be Your name in all the earth.

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