I give up my bitterness. I cry this to you Lord, but really I can do no such thing without your hand. What good is my giving up? Really Father, what good is my giving up of sins? It is not I myself who found them lurking within the hidden rooms of my heart. I did not find crippling deceit, the paralyzing bitterness, or the prideful tongue.

No, your spirit roamed my heart as it roamed the earth before dry land appeared. You found these things I now ‘give up’. But Lord, what is this? For my arms cannot reach your throne room, nor can my hands fully scrap the dirt of my heart. My fingers cannot hold all the deceit hidden beneath.

But you ask me to confess. I confess openly and honestly Lord, because of your grace…yet, I can do nothing more than confess. You, in your doing, do it all. You stand ready with big enough hands and long enough arms. Only You can remove the dirt.

You really want me clean! You really want to clean me. Oh Lord, how can I respond to such mercy? All I can do is say, “Yes, let it be so.”.

And for this, you in your grace and love through Christ Jesus whisper,

Well done, good and faithful servant.

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