We Reek with Glory

Look at you. 
You have all these gifts, passions, desires, but nothing will come of them. You will die without serving the role God had for you. You will not live into the man He has called you to be.
Look at you. 

That lie spun by the hands of evil one, crafted in the pit of hell, and drenched in deceit is a carefully strung arrow.

That lie has been my enemies choice of arrow for a while now.

As I sit perched ready to jump, ready to drop into a world that doesn’t revolve around class schedules, or syllabi, my heart feels these arrows hit.

I’m becoming a threat. The more I learn about the place God is calling me, the more I dwell upon using my gifts to defend the abused, the neglected, and forgotten…the more my enemy strings his bow. He sees the potential: that same hideous strength that my Savior has. As a son of the King, my enemy sees the same threat to his fleeting kingdom. My enemy is more fearful of one thing than all the rest: fearlessness.

Living in a world dominated by fear, (though it masks itself in many forms), my enemy fears courage above all. He doesn’t know what courage is or what that would feel like. My enemy, only knows cowardice, deceit, and selfishness.

Oh, but my King knows courage. My saviour knows what it means to stand with boldness and love. My redeemer knows what it is to be fearless. And in his mercy, my King gracefully and patiently strings my heart each day to play with such courage.

I imagine the shrieks in hell. Is there anything worse for the evil one than a man that knows no fear? Is there anything worse for the deceiver than a man who will defend the truth until death? These qualities only come from one stalk. The pit of hell has seen these characteristics before, and it knows it has no power against this light.

So, I rise. I sit. I lay. In everything I do, I ask God to tie the strings tighter. Jesus, pull the chords closer. King, make my heart impenetrable because of Your glory.

I have this call on my life. It was given to me by my Father. I was given these words,

You are here to eradicate fear. You hate it as much as I do. You can untangle lies better than most. You enjoy logic…I am logic. I am truth. And you my son are mine. I have given you this glory to shine, to love, and to be a shield. Trust yourself because I am in you. Meet with me because I want to glorify myself and I can do it through you. I love you

This is my calling; sure and steady. I am to be poured out like a drink offering while standing in the gap. So here I stand, stumbling with my own strength, but immovable in His. So here I stand, tuned each day by my Father. Here I sit; in full submission to my King. I will be victorious.

What is your call dear Christian? How does the Lord beckon you? What unique strings has he equipped your heart with?

I know this: we all smell of the same glory. We all reek with the courage of our King. The devil reaches for his arrows, our flesh may grow weak, but there is not a blade sharp enough to pierce the shield from our Father.

I pray for you Christian. I pray that we all would recognize our glory in Christ. I pray that we would all have a community to remind us of these truths.

As a friend recently told me: “We all need encouragement sometimes, and as we enter this season of deep uncertainty, it is even more necessary. But you’ve been given a wonderful gift, and i know that you will multiply it and share it as you’ve been called to do.”

Let’s remember to walk in groups in this war time. Let’s remember to form packs. Let’s remember we are on this courageous journey together. 

Let us strike fear in the heart of our enemy as we stand in the courage of Christ. 

We will be victorious. 

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