Down the Aisle

The procession will be one of immense glory.

The bride.

Not just an old friend, a close brother, or a loved child. No, we are much more than that to Christ. We are His bride.

At this time in my life, more than any other, I know lots of soon to be grooms. Two of my closet and dearest friends are in the hopeful and eager season right now. The big day draws closer and they wonder if they can wait that long.  They hope and they talk with full joy in their mouthes.

Oh I can’t wait! That phrase resounds over and over in their hearts. And why shouldn’t it?

Yes, there is planning to do, and things to get done, but oh, do they talk with joy. The flames of passion and love, flicker in their eyes, and their bodies hold a posture of pride. Yes, pride. They are proud of their unbelievable favor. They have something beautiful and they can’t wait to enjoy a life with such a beauty.

Is Christ waiting, eagerly hoping, and full of expectation?
Oh yes, my friends, Christ eagerly awaits.

He is, after all, the one who thought of showing off the bride for all to see. Why do we arrange special music when the bride walks down the aisle? Why does the whole room shout with joy? Why does the wedding party gasp at such beauty? At our best we reflect the beautiful things of our creator. 

And if our mere reflections of such beauty evokes such emotion and joy, what will this day be like?

Our soon to be groom, can’t wait to have us in His house. He eagerly awaits the procession. Oh, what a day that will be when we walk full of peace, full of righteousness, empty of pain, and stare into the eyes of our Maker.

He is waiting. He has waited since creation to have us.

You know what?
He won’t miss a single one of us. He will look at the body of believers and know each of us by name. He will look at his bride, made beautiful by his grace, and if there were a tear to fall in heaven, it may be from His eye on that day.

We will march one day, my brothers and sisters.
Our feet will touch the holy street.
We will process down an unimaginable aisle to meet the lover of our souls.

And we will be made perfectly beautiful by his grace.

He will have us completely and we will shout with joy, and laugh with perfect peace.

Jesus will show us His palace. He will take us to our rooms.
And we will dance with the lover of our soul, and love will be our bodies.

“And he carried me away in the Spirit to a great, high mountain, and showed me the holy city Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God, having the glory of God…” Rev. 21:10

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