In the Trenches

This is not a time of peace. There is no easiness about our journey.

I wake to a war every morning. It’s in my heart, my mind, and my body.

The cloak of deception, though frequently used, is still harmful. It masks the war, and would have me believe I wake to peace time.

The drabs of doubt, confusion, weariness, and stress; these keep my mind at bay. These small yet, sharp daggers, keep my mind away from the battle field. The distraction fools me, and I hear not, the clashing of metal. I fail to ask for protection.

I make breakfast with no helmet, wash with no breastplate, and board the metro with no shield.

The arrows hit my mind, my heart, and my chest. I start to wonder why I have such a deep depression about me, or such a fear within my heart. I push them aside until your voice breaks through and reminds me.

My son, you are at war. And do you think I should put a son anywhere but the front lines? My children are always near the battle. 

The warning jars me to life. It awakens joy because despair is not hopelessness but rather evidence of a brutal attack on our hearts. Fear is not warranted and life is promised forever.

I suppose we are worth attacking. This realization brings with it heavier waves of attack. The enemy grows scared of us picking up the sword of Christ, the helmet of salvation, and the breastplate of righteousness. It does not fear us but the great lion within us.

The lion of Judah shows no mercy to the foes of his people.

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