We reflect

It’s not all bad, is it Father?
It’s not all bad.

Our tradition of giving gifts, I mean. We have created this dichotomy in the Church, that almost rings like this, “Just focus on Christ not the gifts.” It’s as if the more holy you are the less you will want to participate in this giving.

But isn’t this what we do? Isn’t this your nature coming through in us? At our core, don’t we just desperately want to be like our perfect Dad? The reason we give is because You gave. You gave and you continue to give. Sure, there is the screaming temptation of consumerism. It does indeed lurk at our homes and offices. Yes, we give imperfectly and many will perversely give only in hopes of receiving. Yet, I think we can learn from our attempt to reflect.

Whether we know it or not, our best moments are when we are yet a mirror. Even when the glass is cracked, the frame warped, and the image blurred the skewed reflection is more beautiful than any image man can make.

This came to me as I wrapped presents last night. When I first got these gifts for my family I wanted to keep it a pure secret. That is, I didn’t even want family members to know what I was getting the other family members.

I couldn’t contain my excitement.

I soon had my sisters wrapping my brothers gift, my brother and sister wrapping the other sisters gift, and then all my sibling wrapping my parents gift. We shared in the joy and expectation.

I was busting, you see.
I couldn’t contain my anticipation.

But you’re the same, aren’t you Father?

You had this gift in mind for while. And while you never do anything by accident, You couldn’t contain your excitement either. It leaked. You wanted us to share in the anticipation.

Your gift, wrapped tightly, was leaked through Isaiah. He busted, you see, because You busted. You were overbrimming with excitement. And so it leaked. It dripped and people began to talk.

It was too good to contain.

Like a father overjoyed with anticipation of pleasing his kids; like a mother overjoyed, filled, brimming with anticipation of seeing smiles-You sat in heaven, pacing maybe, full of joy and full of hope.

“Oh, wait until you see what I have for you. I know you will be so pleased. Just you wait! Oh, just you wait.”

And we waited. We waited a long time. We, the broken, the sick, the downtrodden, we yearned for a gift we had never seen.

You delivered.

That starry night you shouted,

“Here! My sons, my daughters, look. Do you see? Do you see what I have done! That’s my boy, my son, that is my beloved. I’m giving Him to you. We are giving Him to you.” 

The world gasped. Unsure. Blown away. Hesitant and wondering.

2,000 years later we celebrate the perfect gift. The one our eyes had never seen but our hearts longed for.

His name: Redeemer, Conqueror, King, and Servant.
His name: Jesus.

Let us not forget the full excitement our hearts can bear now. Let us not forget the fullness of this gift.

Today, we reflect our Father. In the fullness of His gift, we give.

Warped, cracked, and blurry we seek to reflect the beauty of His nature.

He loves us through the cracked glass.

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