We saw

They saw.
They saw, Father.

For the first time in history, they saw instead of you. It did not stop with their seeing either. They, the first sinners, pronounced something good. They saw, and they said it was good.

They didn’t listen to your judgement. They ignored your plea, “Let me tell you what is good. Trust me.”

We do the same, Father. We in our puffed up knowledge, our human calculations, we proceed-daily, to call good that which you call bad.

You, in your love and wisdom whisper “My son, my daughter, stay away from these things.” It’s not as if you leave us with nothing to eat. You don’t leave us to starve. No, you create both beautiful things and nourishing things. You lead us to these trees. You grow us a garden, you provide us with fruit that is both “pleasing to the eye and good to eat”.

Constrain us Father.
Give us the the faith to trust in your ability to name the good things. Can we not trust in you to name? Didn’t you name us? Are you not the only true namer?

Let us eat the good things. Let us trust in the One who named us.

 Let us trust in the One who calls us good because of His son.

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