It was good

It’s good to remember You only make good things.
You are the only One capable of creating.

We imitate you, try our best to create but are dependent upon you, Creator.

You saw it was good.
You saw it was good.
You saw it was good. 

You, active and generous Creator, do you still make it good? Is it OK to wonder if you still are in the business of making things good? I wonder, we wonder, in our pain, do you make it good?

Will you make it good?

Perhaps, it is not your ability we doubt but your willingness.

Lord, over all beings, over all imitators, over all that is good, will you make us good?

You create and then you observe. You work, and twist, and mold, and then-

You always
You always
saw it was good.

Give us the faith to know you still see and call it good.
Give us faith to know you are working.

You, the One with muddy hands, with hands in the soil,
You, the One who hovered the earth, with spirit transcending,

We trust you to create good things.

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