We Grasp

The irony is what gets me.

The irony.

We yearn for something substantial. We yearn to have something tangible. We yearn for a foundation.

In our yearning we put grades as our cornerstone, an internship as our master plan, and our degrees as our safety nets. We’re safe.


Get the grade, get the job, get the degree and you’re half way there.

Get a little more school. Find a steady, well paying job, and finally, ah, peace.


Peace in our hearts and peace in our minds has been subject to our current GPA, internship acceptance, and on time graduation.

Peace is contingent upon our success. In our great individualistic society peace comes from within. Peace comes from our efforts, our strivings, and our achievements.

Peace comes from pace. Work faster, harder, longer and maybe…maybe you will find peace.

It’s something to be earned.

I’ve got good news. It’s not about pace.

Insert irony here.

Take a step back, take two even, or maybe three or four. Here’s what you will see from some perspective.

If peace is contingent on our doing, if peace relies on our status, then it’s only possible at times.

Peace, has been translated to lack of problems. If you get to the end of the week with your head on straight, you get 48 hours of peace.

In the world I’m living in, peace is only available from 5pm on Friday-5pm on Sunday. Then the pace comes.

Pace. Work harder, and faster. Write emails, get the grade, network and peace will be waiting for you on Friday night.

What if we got it wrong? What if peace was never tied to pace? What if our strivings push us away from peace instead of towards it?

It’s crazy, but it’s also true.

Peace is a gift. Peace is an offer.

Our pace filled world will have us thinking that peace is only possible when the calendar reads Friday, retirement comes, or it’s vacation time.

Here’s the irony. It’s bold and astounding.

I’m witnessing a world where from ages 18-22 we get schooled in pace. Everyday we build, and accumulate, striving towards peace.

Everyday we also move towards death. We move towards the end.

It’s reality. Death is coming, eternity is around the bend, but even as disciples we have bought into the lie: Christ isn’t everything. Christ is part, Christ is the majority, but He’s not everything.

But He is everything. He has to be. He left such a mark on the human race that to mark him as an add-on doesn’t make sense.

He was too radical. His ideas were too crazy.

Oh, and His yoke is easy. His burden, it is light.

He whispers to a world full of pace: I’ve got peace and I love to give it out.

He takes our worldly stresses, with one hand and offers us peace with another. He says, “Lay them at my throne.”

Pace breeds pace. Christ breeds peace.

His hands are large enough and his voice His gentle enough.

His hands are calloused but they are also tender.

In Him we not only have peace, but we have purpose.

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