He wakes late, and he wakes thirsty.

Not so much for water, or even the peruvian french press that is nearly gone. No, instead the near senior finds his mouth is just fine but it is his heart that longs this morning.

What does he long for, that is the question? It would be tempting to say that he simply longs for an end to what the man stumbled upon last night. He saw so much darkness, so much confusion on what it means to be human, on the streets that he has called home for three years. Our man would like to believe that it is simply this one event that has bothered his conscience and heart. He would very much like to think that if just last night could have been filled with light and not darkness, perhaps his heart would not be so thirsty in the morning. But he realizes this does little to satisfy the rolling thirst he has down in his depths.

Oh, how has it increased so dramatically in my near ten minutes of walking around? 

The man who some call, David, has now shed the reoccurring case of memory loss, and the half reality is shown for what it is, once again. Half-reality, for in this moment, David, only sees the brokenness. His heart is running half-truths as his mind (broken also) runs only the broken scenes. There are a lot of them and it seems his perpetual habit of not recognizing the broken behavior for what it is, only compounds the problem. Why? He fears it may be too much. Too much.

Too much indeed, if the man did not have a Father whispering to his heart. Whispers; but these are not spoken out of the usual timidness that man offers them in. No, today the man of near adulthood, hears a powerful, and forceful whisper,

You are not meant to fear. Is this not one of the many things I have saved you from? You are not to fear, for I have overcome the world.

Our pensive man responds,

I just yearn for full redemption. I feel homesick for a place I have never been. Can’t you see how my heart yearns for it?

The Father smiles back,

Can’t you see I am redemption? Can’t you see I am restoration? Can’t you see I am the place you long for? Can’t you see I pour my spirit on you without reserve? I will use you my son, I will use your longing. Do not fear. 

It is hear the dialogue fades as the young man needs to think, his heart needs to time to recognize the fullness offered. His heart now has the opportunity to walk around the rest of the day and offer the gift that was freely given him.

David may always thirst but the well will never run dry.
If he seeks the right springs, I know there is water enough to quench him.

I also know the giver of this water, gives freely and without reserve.

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