a wondering man

The morning sunshine makes him wonder.

As the newly bought Peruvian blend from Lemonjellos seeps down deep so does another thought.

“Why are you striving?” His heavenly Father asks Him.

The twenty one year old, pre-law student pushes it aside asking for clarity in thought, for his schedule to work out, financial needs to be met, and a blessing on His relationships.

With a smile and a wave a hand the Father seems to say, “Yes, yes, yes, do you know how easy that is for me, my son? I want to know why you are asking for these things?”

He is a bit uncomfortable. He shifts in the cold lawn chair perched on the front porch. Maybe it’s time to go back inside. His hands are cold and the coffee is nearly gone.

But His Father encourages Him to answer, pushes Him to examine His heart.

He gives in and is immediately happy to be so vulnerable with the Father. Now, he is half thinking, half praying, all in the presence of His Father.

Lord, I suppose I wish to be successful. I want to be out of college in 4 years, I want to land a good internship in D.C. and I want to get rid of this stress. 

Why?, the Father whispers.

Why do your questions sink so deep? Why can I not run for them? How do you know me so well? 
Ah, I don’t like to realize my dependence. It scares me to realize how dependent I am on you. I turn back on myself, in hopes that I can do it and therefore put a disclaimer on fully trusting you. Please give me the grace and strength to trust you more. Please allow me to only rest in you and nothing else. You are the only place where I can fully rest. Oh, I remember the verse, “When you seek me with all you heart, then you will find me”. 

Run after me. I am the only thing true, the only one pure, and the only firm foundation.

As the sun rises we leave our pre-law student to experience the freedom of working and not being defined by his work.

For that is really the purpose of Christianity, to be free from slavery and to be forever united with Christ.

This faith does not turn us back in on ourselves but turns us toward God. This faith does not simply deal with eternity and then leaves us to wonder, “Ok, but what about now?”

No, we are free and with every new sunrise get the chance to live into this freedom. He came so we may have life, and have it to the fullest.

Sounds like a good Father to me.

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