Yea, though I walk

The following is my thoughts and reaction to Psalm 124 and Psalm 125.

Thank you all for you prayers and encouragement these last 2 years. My family and I have felt them and continue to be blessed by you. All praise and all glory be to the One who sits on the throne!

Psalm 124

oh where would we be, the six that set out on this journey, if the Lord had not been faithful. Let us never forget His faithfulness.

oh where would we be if the Lord had not been our shield when men (rather boys) attacked us, when their envy and bitterness, surrounded us on every side;

the dark, bloody waters, would have surely engulfed us, the waters would of torn us apart,the torrent would have forced us into misery.

Hallelujah, praise his beautiful, majestic name! He has not let their sharpened spears, or gnashing teeth, do irreparable damage. He did not give us more than we could handle.

Oh Father, surely we have escaped because of your grace, and not our own stealth. We have been set free from this torture, the door has been flung open and we are running in fields of joy. We no longer fear the pursuit of evil men.

Our help, this family of six, is only from the Lord. He shelters us. Only He protects. Our foundation is forever and ever on Him, Amen.

Psalm 125

Oh family of God, those who trust in the Lord, even if it is a single cord of trust, are more secure than any man built object. Rather, they are as secure as a mountain. This mountain cannot be moved, it cannot be torn, it cannot be dismayed.

As these mountains surround the Northern California border, so the Father, the giver of all good gifts, surrounds his people. His people. His people.

The mandates, orders, schemes, gag orders and powers of the wicked will not remain over the six who have trusted His name, who have pursued righteousness. They have passed away and will indeed snare the ones who set the traps.

Lord, please continue to bless all who pursue the narrow, the marginalized, the hungry, the hurt, the abused. Father bless the one in the six who has take on your burden. Bless the couple who have endured the evil schemes. Bless the children who have walked in your way, who have not departed from your truth. Bless those who have encouraged the six, whose prayers and petitions gave them strength and peace, when all lights seemed to dim.

But, Lord, do not be patient with those who are so perverse they beat the helpless. Lord, do not reserve mercy for those who spit on the abused. One step further, they even shame themselves by calling themselves pure. You will sever them from your garden forever.

Peace upon the children who pursue righteousness.
Peace upon those who are after your heart.

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