fumbling around

I reached into my pockets and began fumbling around.

Keys. Three of them. One car key. My car. 20 years old and I own a vehicle. The odometer clicked just past 107,500. Reliable transportation that I enjoy driving. 
Opportunity. Freedom. Fun.

The other two keys-both work keys. A job. A well paying job. A job I love and am surrounded by people that love me. 
Ability. Purchases. Safe.

I continued the search.

A phone. An iphone. A computer, camera, calendar, calculator, bank, and flashlight. 
Choices. Access. Contact.

I patted the rest of my body. Oh.

My wallet. A drivers license, college I.D. (4 year liberal arts christian…college), debit card, coffee punch cards, and cash.  
Liberty. Possession. Money.

While standing in the mid-afternoon sun, I completed the pat down. What was it that I just searched through.

Jeans. Gap jeans. They covered both legs and reached all the way down, touching my Nikes but not the ground. They were even in style. No holes, no tears, or rips.
 Comfort. Style.

Coat. An Adidas large, down, coat. It draped over my body quite nicely and even had a hood. Pockets too. I found they kept my hands quite warm…if I forgot the three pairs of gloves I owned. 
Warmth. Protection.

I was in mid stride returning to work when I pondered these objects. Much more than objects, really. Indicators. I suspect if my body were to vanish leaving my cloths in a heap on the cool cement, they would tell a story. A story that would be read with differing tones and inflections depending on who was poking through the heap.

On Hope’s campus the story would be matter of fact, someone who belonged. “A student, male, mid twenties, cash, debit card, iphone, car keys, work keys and normal clothes.”

A few blocks over in Holland, the heap would talk a little differently. “A white male, goes to that private, expensive school, has the nicest phone, drives a nice car and has a job…hey this is a nice jacket.”

A few countries over, the heap would be a treasure chest. “Rich foreigner with a really nice wallet, lots of cash, amazing computer, has a car, and look at these clothes.”

Perspective. Tears filled my eyes as I neared the entrance to work. 
A smile formed and out of those lips leaked a “Thank you”.
My heart screams it. 

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