I suppose it really is not that profound-learning produces writing. And what better way to learn than to read. This simple truth has dawned on me. I have been asking myself why I have not been writing as much. I have sifted through all the garbage of excuses, lack of time, priorities etc-these do not suffice. No, it’s because my reading has dropped off. Oh yes, that accounting book got a good bit of use this last semester. However, it should not come as a surprise that these readings did not spur a whole lot of writing. Not very many people like to read blogs about accounting topics, and even fewer enjoy writing them. 
No, I am after books that make your brain feel that ‘good’ itch, and then using the thinking that results as a means to make the itch grow, until finally, discussion (in verbal word, or written) provides the ultimate scratching tool. These readings make it near impossible not to write, not to enter into discussion. My recent itch was thanks to a second, and more thorough reading of Screwtape Letters, by Lewis. Oh, this itch must be scratched. 
What a peculiar twist I see. We all too often insist on separating the spiritual from pleasures. You know, “oh, do be careful not to enjoy that too much”, or “let us focus on God before we dive into this pleasure”, and “well, that’s all good and well, but how is your spiritual life going”. Do we really think these are in opposition? Who do we think created these pleasures in the first place? Perhaps, the pleasures in this life-music, art, love, sport, reading, writing, taking a walk, running, swimming, etc,  are meant to turn our hearts to thankfulness. 
It is not a v.s. game. It is not prayer vs music, bible reading verse vs walking on that street when the light is just right, it’s not a good conversation with a friend over coffee vs reflection. No, these are in one another-intertwined as a result of our Creator creating music, the ability to walk, the sun, and the friend who you enjoy conversing with. But, oh how the devil wants it to be v.s. game. That’s what I find most helpful. For those times when the origins of pleasure are muddled, it is good to dwell on where they did NOT come from. Certainly the devil did not create a walk, he did allow sunshine to touch deeper than just our skin, and he certainly did not allow that feeling in us, that feeling (I hesitate to call it a feeling because in truth it is a a spiritual reality and ‘feeling’ now-a-days carries with it a negative connotation all too often synonymous with fake) of coming alive. It’s different for all of is. The enjoyment and joy we feel from a simple reading of a good book. The smile that sticks on our face after a good walk. The warmth when hearing a voice hit a note just right. A perfectly executed corner kick. 
Here I am obliged to make the obvious side note that this all hangs on the assumption that these goods are not perverted. It is when these are enjoyed in their pure state, or perhaps we should start saying, their created state, that spiritual intimacy with our Creator is enjoyed over all pleasures. 
I so desire this connection. I long for (and so does our Creator) these pleasures to cultivate: awareness of our Father in all things so that we are thankful that He made these things, and as a result have communion with our Creator, in all things. 
Let’s not separate the Creator from His created pleasures. For this is the meaning of the world, the meaning of creation: that we may tabernacle with our Creator . 

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