morning faith

I heard the long waves pound gently against the beach as I walked. I smelled the strong saltwater. I felt the fresh water wash my feet so that sand would not be tracked back inside.

Now, I hear the calm breathing of three children as they sleep in the living room. I listen closely and I still hear the waves pulsing. As the condensation slips away on the window overlooking the ocean I hear the “whispers” of a 11 year old boy playing a 5 year old boy in a game of “Sorry”. The coffee pot drips quietly, steadily, finally producing the smell. The smell of a new morning.
I hear in all these things God’s whisper. God’s quiet yet constant voice calling to His son, “Little one, I have faith in you today.” I hear my heart pound faster as I look to my past , look to my many failures. Look and remember how I worship things and people all too often. I’m not speaking of last years or last months faults, I’m dwelling on yesterdays and the five minutes before now. An invisible hand produces a wet tear from my eye and He whispers, “Little one, I have faith in you today.”
What greater joy is there than by being woken up by our Father? To know, that it is really His strong calloused hands that gently touch my shoulder until I wake.  To realize that he has stood watch over me all night, and now is giving me a new day. I can’t help but be filled with joy as I realize that every day my sleepy eyes open, every time I stand up after a nights rest, God is awakening his child, and whispering, “Today, I have faith in you.” The simply beautiful reason of this is because He has faith in Himself. God trusts God. Funny, perhaps, when spelled out but a rock solid truth.
As image bearers of the one who created the ocean, the coffee bean and the ability to whisper, we have hope. This truth shakes my whole body. 
Now the whispers have turned into shouts, the cereal clanks loudly into bowls and the day is up and running.  I grin as I have the opportunity to live another day.
Joy fills my lungs as I know each day given is another day to live in the promise God has etched:

“Little one, I have faith in you today.”

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Keep writing and being His faithful little one, Dave. This is a very peaceful beautiful post.L


  2. Bookish says:

    Beautifully whispered from your heart!


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