The gift of people

English, History, Accounting, Art, Theatre, Dance, Spanish, Foreign Relations, Political Science, Education, Special Education, Pre-Law, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Pre-Med…just a few of the majors that one can choose while at school.  It’s the question that I usually get right after, “Hi, my name is_____.  Good to meet you”. Our response indicates our interest. Our response indicates that we have an interest in something and want to learn more about it. What’s fascinating to me is how these responses differ. How I can meet someone and they may say, “Oh, I’m a Spanish major”. Next morning I can get introduced to a History major. Why do I find this fascinating? 

It reflects a beautiful and creative designer. How boring would this life be if everyone majored in one thing? If everyone pursued the same career, had the same interests, and was gifted in the same way? Ultimately I suppose that’s why I appreciate it so much. Because it’s a gift, which sheds light on the the Giver. It’s a gift that you are good at Chemistry. It’s a gift that you can go into your lab, actually enjoy it, and end up wanting to learn more. It’s a gift that you are able to build something two hours that would take most 2 months. It’s a gift that you can sit down, look at a balance sheet and a smirk appears on your face because you already see the accounting error. All our unique passions are a gift. 

And this is the the fun and amazing part. It’s not just a gift to you but I believe that they are also a gift to everyone who comes in contact with you. This is most commonly discussed about artists and how there gift is also a gift to others. I agree. But why does it stop there? I think it’s a gift that I get to listen to someone speak spanish even though I understand very little of it. I enjoy hearing my roommate talk about the anatomy and inner workings of the body, not because I understand or am an Exercise Science major but there is something in his eyes that reflects such a deep passion that I can’t help but feel excited as well. Something about listening to other people’s passions, seeing their face dance as they explain their interests, actually feeling a part of their spirit come to life. 

Yes, I enjoy talking with other pre-law students. I do enjoy looking at different argument styles in a courtroom. And of course I love getting into a political debate. I love every second of it. But I’m also grateful that God created us so uniquely. There are practical reasons for this thankfulness. The main example is so I don’t have to teach myself every skill in the world. I am thankful that someone likes chemistry, and anatomy so that when I have kids I can get proper treatment. I am thankful that someone pursued veterinary school so that I don’t have to flip through books and try to do a quick surgery on my dog. These are all very good reasons but it’s deeper than that. 

I love the uniqueness and different passions people pursue because they reflect a passionate God. 

When I talk about theatre with my girlfriend, discuss anatomy with my roommate, or see a friend painting, I start to grin. I can’t help but be joyful with them. I find myself excited for them and in awe that God has created so beautifully. 

“For YOU created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful I know that full well.” Psalm 139: 13-14

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